Thursday, March 17, 2011

Minecraft server setup

Well, today I decided to put up some small minecraft server. It was very easy to set it up on my debian root at first, but soon you get into a lot of mess when setting up additional features. In fact, after a few hours I switched to BukkitCraft, which is a new mod for minecraft. It was developed to provide an easy way for plugin and mod developers. Well, my server now has some cronjob rendering a map via mcmap, has iconomy, townsy, permissions etc. This means you can have your own town there and be a resident in a town, be part of a nation, trade with others, teleport sometimes, and something very awesome are the features MinecartMania supports. Users on my server started to set up some automatic farms with it for sugar canes and sell them every day. This whole stuff is a lot of fun on a multiplayer survival server, it generates a very realistic feeling ;)
You can ask me for support setting up a similar server, I'd love to help someone out. If you want to play on the server, feel free to message me to get the adress to try it out.
Peace out ;)

Okay, I decided to get a bit more detailed. So if you're running *nix or best, Debian, you can do this:
First, get java if you dont have it. You can try this out by typing "java-version" You'll need 6 or later afaik.
Well, if you don't have it:
aptitude install openjdk-6-jre-headless
I got the jar file from Place it into your minecraft root directory, mine is /home/***/minecraft_test
Then you can make a new shell file, named It should contain the following:
java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit-0.1.1-snapshot.jar nogui
You can add options there as well ofc.
 Well, now get the plugins you want from
Meanwhile you can run, or, if you don't want to have the window open all the time, screen and execute it over there.
Stop the server again and take a look what he created. There is some file which should be updated according to your needs. Then you can put your plugins in the /plugins/ folder. Run the server again. It should have created some additional folders now again. Take a look into them, update the .yml files according to your needs. Be careful to not break the syntax.

Well, test your server now.
If you need help, feel free to contact me!
I do not have a lot of time currently because I have a load of tests the next days, but I'll make a lot of updates here soon.


  1. Too bad I can't run Minecraft on my pc :(((
    Looks sympa :)

  2. Minecraft is the bee's knees

  3. I love playing minecraft in 3d :3