Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting rid of the spam

I just set up my root again. In fact, it got hacked. I realldy didn't expect to be the internet such a war zone and now I get why everyone says "son don't get a root unless you really know what you're doing!".
It was the second time it had some kind of rootkit and/or spambot. I had 130 GB traffic in february, nearly all of it due to unwanted mail traffic.
Seriously, how does this even pay out for the dudes that write the worms? I mean, did ever anyone clicked that viagra ads they spam out to random email addys?
However, I changed my ssh port, disabled root login and installed chRootKit and am fine since 9 days know. Guess thats the whole deal huh?
Seriously what the ****, as the everyday internet user you really never see what's behind the scene. 10 different russians and chinese attacking your server via bruteforce 24/7 is not exactly what I expected when I heard of "hacking attempts".


  1. ah that sucks big time, good luck in the future getting rid of all these hacking attempts

  2. Only real problem I've ever had with the spam are emails spoofing my domain and then my inbox getting drowned in undeliverable bounces. Had to work a little with my host to ignore the bounces, but he tidied that up pretty quickly. I've never asked him about hacking on his server, though I am certain it happens

  3. Spam is a waste of electricity.