Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Check this out.
You may already know it since it's not very new. I didn't and I think it's fucking great.
Now, tell me what you think. This damn thing costs like 9400 EUR. Its really damn awesome, don't you think you'd need such a thing? I do.
I looked a bit deeper in how it works and discovered ReactiVision, which is a framework for building such stuff.
I am at the moment learning SuperCollider. I'll take a look if I can build such a thing myself, it should be possible.
I need
  • A beamer for feedback, i.e. projection of lines and circles etc. on the table
  • A nice webcam for capturing user input
  • a decent PC for the software
  • a program, that parses the stuff the webcam sees = reactivision
  • a gateway, which is written in Java, takes the parsed stuff and sends sound signals to the supercollider server
  • a supercollider server that can synthesize such stuff
  • a decent soundcard for nice output
  • a glass plate, and this is not as easy as it sounds, since it has to be a fish-eye-lense or something similar I believe; otherwise, I'd have to make the table really high so that the webcam and the beamer are far enough away.
Well, certainly not easy. Maybe I'll never do it, but its worth a try. I got some stuff to do the next months then ;)

Greets and keep up reading!

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